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Junk Lawsuits Harder to Find Than Weapons of Mass Destruction

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The Greedy Trial Lawyer has an excellent post up about these mysterious “junk lawsuits” we all keep hearing about, but never actually seem to find. Despite no evidence that “junk lawsuits” are actually a problem, or even exist at all, President Bush and his big business allies continue to push ahead with their campaign of “tort reform.” The question becomes: how long will this go on before we actually see examples of these “junk lawsuits”?

From the post at Greedy Trial Lawyer:

I propose a special task force to search for any relationship between the proposals of the President and his fellow tort reformers and the elimination of junk lawsuits. We could use the experts who scoured Iraq for the WMD. Every litigator already knows that tort reform is not intended to eradicate junk lawsuits, but the bait and switch by the President continues.