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Rat Poison in Pet Food Causing Deaths

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It is unknown how it got there, but the recalled pet food has tested positive for rat poison. The recall of 60 million cans and foil pouches of cat and dog food is one of the largest recalls of pet food. The pet food has been linked to kidney failure in cats and dogs.

The deaths led to a recall of 60 million cans and pouches of pet food produced by Menu Foods and sold throughout North America under 95 brand names. There have been several reports of kidney failure in pets that ate the recalled brands, and the company has confirmed the deaths of 15 cats and one dog.

Menu Foods last week recalled “cuts and gravy” style dog and cat food. The recall sparked concern among pet owners across North America. It includes food sold under store brands carried by Wal-Mart, Kroger, Safeway and other large retailers, as well as private labels such as Iams, Nutro and Eukanuba.

A complete list of the recalled food can be found at www.menufoods.com/recall. If your pet has eaten the recalled food and is going through kidney failure or death and you would like to speak with an attorney, please use the contact form on the right.