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Shannon Weidemann

Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case to Stand

A judge has ruled there was no jury misconduct in the medical malpractice case against Dr. Anita Krishna Das. The jury ruled in her favor.The plantiffs sued on the grounds that one of the jury members had a spouse that had worked at the doctor’s former practice. In a lengthy ruling released earlier this week, Judge Larry Smukler, sitting in Belknap County Superior Court, said because the…

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Junk Lawsuits Harder to Find Than Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Greedy Trial Lawyer has an excellent post up about these mysterious “junk lawsuits” we all keep hearing about, but never actually seem to find. Despite no evidence that “junk lawsuits” are actually a problem, or even exist at all, President Bush and his big business allies continue to push ahead with their campaign of “tort reform.” The question becomes: how long will this go on before we…

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House considers doctor apologies for medical malpractice

The Idaho House of Representatives is currently considering at bill that would allow doctors to apologize to their patients without having those apologies used against them in Court. Idaho law currently allows such expressions of sympathy and apology to be admissible against doctors except “in certain circumstances.” The bill’s supporters say that patients who receive an apology and sympathy…

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Group Home Operator Gets 30 Years for Slavery

The operator of a group home for the mentally ill in Witchita, KA, was sentenced today to 30 years in federal prison. Arlan Kaufman, 69, was convicted this past November of more than 30 criminal counts for his actions, including enslaving his residents, forcing them to work in the nude, and perform sex acts. His wife Linda was sentenced to 7 years for her role in the crimes.From…

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Malpractice Lawsuit Settlement Upheld

The Idaho Supreme Court recently upheld a lower-court ruling that awarded $500,000 to a man who lost his eyesight after being treated for an injury by an eye doctor. Frank Newberry was workingon his car when something hit him in his right eye. After being taken to the emergency room, Newberry was treated by Dr., Laurence Martens who didn’t find anything in the eye and sent Martens home with…