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Wise Sentenced In Car Accident That Killed Two

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Cheryl Wise received two fifteen-year sentences for two counts of vehicular manslaughter in a Hailey courtroom last Friday. Last July, after drinking six beers, Wise swerved into oncoming traffic where she crashed into a Suburban carrying seven passengers. Two were killed in the accident while the other five suffered minor injuries.

According to MagicValley.com:

It was later reported that Wise had also purchased sleeping pills with the beer she drank on July 23, three-and-a-half of which were missing from the package when it was found.

During questioning, Rob Lewis, Wise’s defense attorney, was able to reveal details from Wise’s childhood that illustrated a series of profound losses and difficult moments in spite of a relatively active and happy high school career.

As Lewis described possible alternatives to prison in the form of treatment centers or women’s facilities, Wise alternatively clasped and unclasped her hands, finally putting them over her nose and mouth as the tears streamed.

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