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Drunk Driver Crashes Into Meridian Building

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Sunday night in Meridian, witnesses saw a man drive his truck across two lanes of traffic and crash his vehicle into a building in Meridian. Shortly thereafter, the driver staggered away from the scene. Following a short pursuit on foot, police took Ron Chandler into custody and charged him with driving under the influence of alcohol. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries to passers-by.

From the article at KTVB.com

“This is a busy road every day of the week. There’s people up and down the sidewalk all day long, and we’re very thankful no one got hit and was killed or injured,” said Sgt. Scott Colaiania.

Right after the crash, witnesses watched as the driver jumped out of the pickup and staggered away.

They followed, called police and helped the officers track the driver.

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